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Don’t Feed the Plant, Feed the Soil!

Join the only business in Canada brewing fresh aerobic compost teas and extracts for direct sale to home gardeners and growers.

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Our Affiliate Partner program gives you the opportunity to earn generous commissions selling Crooked Farmz compost tea CSA subscriptions for the summer season to the gardeners and growers in your community.

From February 1 to May 31, 2023, affiliates will share information with their networks across the GTA about the importance of soil microbiology and its role in promoting healthy ecosystems, the value of Crooked Farmz compost teas, our CSA packages, and how to purchase subscriptions.

About Crooked Farmz

Crooked Farmz is a microfarm located in East York that produces high quality small-batch composts and vermicomposts for use in brewing fresh actively-aerobic compost teas and extracts. These regenerative teas and extracts are sold across the city by CSA subscription and at farmers’ markets for home gardening and urban agriculture use, as well as in larger quantities for use in professional agriculture, horticulture and arboriculture. We are entering our 5th season of business serving the GTA.

Healthy microbial activity in the soil is one of the most important factors to overall plant health and vigour. This means the soil ought to be a living ecosystem active with microbial life, though we tend to have very unhealthy soils due to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, watering with chlorinated municipal water, excessive tillage, insufficient compost/organic matter, soil compaction, and pollution.

This is where compost tea comes in. Compost tea is a brewed liquid soil amendment that extracts all of the ‘good’ microbes out of well-crafted compost and turns them into ‘black gold’ for your plants: flowers, vegetables, perennials, bushes, trees, lawns, cannabis, container gardens — anything connected to soil.

Our summer CSA subscribers receive 4 issues of freshly-brewed aerobic compost tea, one issue per month from June until September. They know in advance their monthly pickup/delivery dates so that the microbial content is then as fresh and alive as possible — not dehydrated or otherwise preserved.

CSA subscriptions are available in four sizes:

SMALL (4 x 2L) – suitable for balcony gardens, containers or small plots: $80/summer
MEDIUM (4 x 4L) – suitable for mid-size backyard gardens: $150/summer
LARGE (4 x 6L) – suitable for large gardens and small backyards: $220/summer
EXTRA LARGE (4 x 5gallon) – suitable for large backyards and new landscape projects: $350/summer.

Affiliate Partners are responsible for helping sell these prepackaged CSA subscriptions, from the beginning of February until the end of May.

How It Works

CSA stands for “community supported agriculture” and your task will be to help develop communities of support for this soil-building agricultural practice by selling Crooked Farmz compost tea CSA subscriptions to the gardeners and growers in your community.

You will receive everything you need to help share awareness and communicate with gardeners and growers interested in holistic methods of building and maintaining soil health. This includes materials such as a photo kit, IG/FB memes, videos, as well as invitations to workshops and film screenings, plus personalized one-to-one Q+A/mentoring support.

You can either receive your commission payment in cash or as an in-kind payment in compost tea for your own garden at double the value (ie. for every dollar you earn you could receive $1 or exchange it for $2 of compost tea).

Each Crooked Farmz affiliate receives their own personalized code. When a customer referred by you orders a 2023 compost tea CSA subscription from us they will enter your code on both our Local Line e-commerce platform and Interac e-transfer slip, and you will automatically receive a tally added to your overall earned commissions.

Affiliate sales close: May 31, 2023, midnight.
Payments issued: June 8, 2023.

Affiliate Levels

Seed Level

“You have everything you need to sprout
and begin growing!”


CSA Subs: 1-3
Commission: 7.5%

Earthworm Level

“You’re the shit making this thing grow!”


CSA Subs: 11-25
Commission: 15%

Pollinator Level

“Sweet …
you’re making connections now!”


CSA Subs: 4-10
Commission: 10%

Sunshine Level

“You are golden, a true bright light!”


CSA Subs: 26+
Commission: 20%

Commission Structure

CSA Price$80$150$220$350
🌱 Seed7.5%$6.00$11.25$16.50$26.25
🦋 Pollinator10%$8.00$15.00$22.00$35.00
🪱 Earthworm15%$12.00$22.50$33.00$52.50
☀️ Sunshine20%$16.00$30.00$44.00$70.00

Commission payments per sale for various CSA Subscription sizes at various Affiliate Levels.


Do I need to be a gardener or farmer to become an Affiliate Partner?

No, you do not. But it would help tremendously if you at least had an interest in some combination of gardening, farming, composting, pollinators, soil health, ecology, biodiversity, climate change, green economy, zero waste, etc.

Who should become an Affiliate Partner?

Anyone, really. You could be a high schooler or someone who’s been a gardener for decades. Typically you’d be interested in growing plants, living soils, and healthy ecosystems. On a general level we’d suggest it could fall into two camps: someone who just wants to make a few quick sales to double their return and get free compost tea for their own growing spaces this summer; OR someone who plans to really strive for the higher Affiliate Levels and earn some summer income.

Are there resources for me to use?

Yes. Each Affiliate Partner will receive a photo kit, memes for use on social networks, videos, invitations to workshops and film screenings, plus personalized one-to-one Q+A/mentoring support. And if there are other resources that would help make affiliate work easier, we ‘ll be happy to work with you to make it happen.

How much money can I make?

That will depend on three variables: how many subscriptions you sell, what size of subscription you sell, and what Affiliate Level you are at when you sell them. Note that the commission percentage for a sale only applies to sales at the current level — ie. if you reach the Earthworm level the 15% commission rate only applies to sales 11-25, and not to all of those that came before.

To take an example, say you sold 27 subscriptions in your neighbourhood, and all of them were Small size. You would then receive:

3 🌱Seed Level + 7 🦋Pollinator Level + 15 🪱Earthworm Level + 2 ☀️Sunshine Level

= (3 x $80 x 7.5%) + (7 x $80 x 10%) + (15 x $80 x 15%) + (2 x $80 x 20%)

= (3 x $6) + (7 x $8) + (15 x $12) + (2 x $16)

= $286.

You could receive this as $286 in cash, or exchange it for double value in product: $572 worth of compost tea.

When would I get paid?

June 8, 2023, approximately one week after CSA subscription sales close for the summer season.

Is this multi-level marketing or a pyramid scheme?

No. In a pyramid scheme you are required to recruit new participants to become affiliates, who are then themselves required to recruit new participants, and so on. This is an illegal form of marketing. With our Affiliate Program you are not required to recruit anyone else to become an affiliate, it is a simple sales transaction where a gardener or grower purchases a compost tea subcription and keys in a personalized referral code so that you recive a commission for helping facilitate the sale.

How do I become a Crooked Farmz Affiliate?

Please submit your application using the form below!