Crooked Farmz

Join Our 2022 CSA Program!

4 Issues of Compost Tea + Entry in Our 2022 Subscriber’s Sweepstakes

Crooked Farmz is an East York microbrewer of quality aerobic compost teas for urban agriculture, backyard farming, vegetable and perennial gardens, and other home landscaping projects.

tWe offer ‘very local distribution’ to the East York area with a CSA subscription service for Summer 2022 that provides a series of 4 freshly-brewed organic teas to you over the course of 16 weeks, from May-June until August-September.

2021 is a year of growth for Crooked Farmz. We have built—and are continuing to build—our capacity for increasing the number of subscribers in our CSA program, and in 2022we are pleased to offer the program to 200 CSA subscribers across East York!

That’s right: 2019 compost tea subscriptions are now available—in 2021!

For the third straight year we are keeping prices the same as they were the very first day we began business: $10 for a 1-litre mason jar of freshly-brewed actively aerobic compost tea.

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