Crooked Farmz is an East York microbrewer of quality aerobic compost teas for urban agriculture, backyard farming, vegetable and perennial gardens, and other home landscaping projects.


We offer ‘very local distribution’ to the East York area with a CSA subscription service for Summer 2020 that provides a series of 4 freshly-brewed organic teas to you over the course of 16 weeks, from May-June until August-September.


We are also available at Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market on Tuesday evenings and at Withrow Park Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings. (Please note: availability at farmer’s markets will be subject to provincial and municipal mandates related to COVID-19.)






Crooked Farmz

Crooked Farmz is an experiment in local community logistics to brew and deliver to your home fresh and timely aerobic compost teas, so that you can benefit from active organic principles in gardening your vegetables and ornamentals this summer—while also reducing your reliance on chemical fertilizers and commercial pesticides.

The 4 aerobic compost teas are divided into 4 different varieties to support a variety of microbial growth activity in your living soil web. These 4 types are cycled on a loose program over the summer to organically balance the different needs of your garden at different times of the season.

You will receive a delivery of compost tea to your doorstep each month, which you will dilute and use to water your garden vegetables. Voilà! Ongoing replenishment of your living soil food web, boosting the capacity of your plants to absorb nutrients and naturally resist pathogens.

We work together with our subscribers to create a sustainable partnership of skill-sharing, information, and care. Every batch of compost tea we brew is also going into our own vegetable gardens at home, so you know we share a common interest with you to have a successful season of growing!




CSA Subscriptions

“The compost maker is a farmer of microbes, no less a farmer than a dairy farmer or a vegetable grower,” says Grace Gershuny in Feeding the Soil on the Organic Farm.


CSA stands for Community-supported agriculture, “a model that connects the producer and consumers within the food system more closely by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of a certain farm or group of farms.” At Crooked Farmz our CSA subscription model allows us to farm and cultivate microbes to be delivered to you as a series of four compost teas to boost your overall soil health.

Compost tea is a brewed liquid soil amendment made from fresh organic compost matter. It is thriving with millions of the microbes — bacteria, fungi, nematodes, etc. — that do the heavy work of making organic and mineral matter in your soil available to the roots of your plant. And a healthy, living soil helps reduce dependence on chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

We offer ‘very local distribution’ to the East York area with a CSA (community-supported agriculture) subscription service that provides a series of 4 freshly-brewed organic teas to you over the course of the summer, from Victoria Day weekend in May until Labour Day weekend in September.

These 4 teas are cycled on a loose program over the summer to organically balance the different needs of your garden at different times of the season: MYCO (soil structure), FLORA (fruiting and flowering), AQUA (soil fertility), ENDO (replenishing).

A one-litre mason jar of compost tea is diluted by you with water 20:1 before using, which makes about 20L of tea (approximately a 5-gallon bucket worth). This is then watered on the soil around your plants or sprayed onto the leaves themselves.

Compost tea is suitable for vegetables, fruit bushes, flowers, perennials, container gardens, lawns, trees, and indoor plants. It is about creating dynamic living soil, so if you have soil and want a healthy organic alternative, compost tea might be for you.

We have a limited number of spaces available in our 2021 CSA subscription program. As a subscriber you help develop an infrastructure for ensuring that microbes beneficial to soil health are readily available in a freshly-brewed form to local East York consumers throughout the summer.

(It’s also an IDEAL HOLIDAY GIFT for that artsy-garden-eco-hipster-greenish-thumb-poet you know!!)

CSA subscriptions are available in four sizes:

  • SMALL (4 x 2 LITRE) – suitable for balcony gardens, containers or small plots: $80/summer
  • MEDIUM (4 x 4 LITRE) – suitable for mid-size backyard gardens: $150/summer
  • LARGE (4 x 6 LITRE) – suitable for large gardens and small backyards: $220/summer
  • EXTRA LARGE (4 x 5 GALLON) – suitable for large backyards and new landscape projects: $350/summer

Home delivery fees:

  • $20/summer for East York residents
  • $40/summer for residents outside of the boundary

Please note that our home delivery fee of $20/subscription will be waived for East York residents this summer, as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. Delivery fees of $40/subscription to residents outside of the boundary zone will be reduced to 50% off for Summer 2020.

Subscriptions are payable by Interac email transfer.



Decelera Tea Series

Decelera Teas trace their roots (no pun intended!) to two meanings: in the Latin term ‘celeritas’ meaning related to speed or swiftness, as well as the vegetable celery, known in early Italian as ‘di sceleri’, which originally comes from ‘selinon’, a Greek Parsley meant to be eaten or chewed slowly for its therapeutic purposes and medicinal benefits. Our Decelera Tea library works with principles of slowing speed to offer good medicine for our plants, and also for ourselves, in a fresh and timely fashion.

The 2020 Crooked Farmz subscription package includes the following four teas, each with a common aerobic brew but with unique micro-amendments suitable for the time of season:


STRUCTURE:  A tea brimming with mycelium potential to begin the growing season, designed to promote the mycorrhizal activity and fungal growth required to generate stronger root structures and an overall healthier plant later in the summer.


BALANCE:  As plants really begin to take root, a tea supplemented with additional organic ingredients from forest patches in the East York area to develop the more complex harmonies with the local ecology necessary for vigorous growth and increased resistance to pests.


ENERGY:  This phase of the season is about maximizing the nutrients and water in our soil to nourish healthy fruits and vegetables, and this tea emphasizes our connection to the deep time of lakes and oceans with an abundance of fish and seaweed matter as tea amendments.


ENDURANCE:  An echo of renewal that incorporates the best of our other teas in a bacterially-rich mix to extend vegetables during our increasingly long summers, or to help prepare the soil for a quick turnaround and fresh planting of winter-hardy crops.


Very Local Distribution

Crooked Farmz CSA subscriptions of 4 compost teas are available for delivery directly to your home. We are currently serving the East York area between the Don Valley, Lake Ontario/Lakeshore, Victoria Park, and St. Clair/O’Connor boundaries, with stops including:

Ashbridges Bay, Beaches, Beach Hill, Broadview North, Crescent Town, Danforth Village, Dentonia Park, Dieppe Park, East Chinatown, East Lynn, East York Civic Centre, Greektown, Greenwood Park, Kew Gardens, Leslieville, Little India, Main Square, Massey Creek, Monarch Park, Old East York, Pape Village, Parkview, Playter Estates, Port Lands, Riverdale Park, Riverside, Studio District, Taylor Creek, The Beach, The Danforth, The Heights, The Triangle, Todmorden, Todmorden Mills, Upper Beaches, Withrow Park, and Woodbine Gardens.

Limited runs beyond these boundaries. Please inquire for details.

Please note that our home delivery fee of $20/subscription will be waived for East York residents this summer, as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. Delivery fees of $40/subscription to residents outside of the boundary zone will be reduced to 50% off for Summer 2020.


Professional Contractors

Crooked Farmz offers custom preparations of freshly-brewed and actively aerated 5-gallon drums of compost tea, available on-demand for professional gardeners, landscapers and intermediate to advanced home gardeners.

Choose from a menu of inoculants, sugars, and amendments to develop a personalized tea recipe that best serves your clients’ needs in a freshly-brewed and timely manner.

Compost teas are designed to organically improve soil health and resilience by reintroducing microbial populations back into the soil (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc.), along with other amendments as per your order. We work with you to create a recipe that best serves your needs.


The three main variables determining coverage beyond the time of season are: delivery method/purpose, hardiness/type of plants, and fungal vs. bacterial brew. A 5-gallon quantity, when diluted appropriately, is suitable for soil drenching a typical backyard space and/or using as a foliar spray across several properties.

5-gallon quantities retail for $95+HST (a 50% savings from consumer retail price). Delivery is extra within GTA (free for orders over $250), and free pick-up at our East York location is always available.