Crooked Farmz

Crooked Farmz is an experiment in local community logistics to brew and deliver to your home fresh and timely aerobic compost teas, so that you can benefit from active organic principles in gardening your vegetables and ornamentals this summer—while also reducing your reliance on chemical fertilizers and commercial pesticides.

The 4 aerobic compost teas are divided into 4 different varieties to support a variety of microbial growth activity in your living soil web. These 4 types are cycled on a loose program over the summer to organically balance the different needs of your garden at different times of the season.

You will receive a delivery of compost tea to your doorstep each month, which you will dilute and use to water your garden vegetables. Voilà! Ongoing replenishment of your living soil food web, boosting the capacity of your plants to absorb nutrients and naturally resist pathogens.

We work together with our subscribers to create a sustainable partnership of skill-sharing, information, and care. Every batch of compost tea we brew is also going into our own vegetable gardens at home, so you know we share a common interest with you to have a successful season of growing!