How Does It Work?

  1. Plant your garden.
  2. We deliver to your home an order of fresh-brewed compost tea in mason jars once a month, straight to your door.
  3. You will apply the compost tea, DILUTED at 20:1, preferably within 24-36 hours if not sooner.
  4. Attune and listen to your garden.
  5. The next delivery you will leave your empty, rinsed mason jars on the doorstep and we will replace them with fresh ones containing that month’s compost tea.
  6. And so on, each month, alternating empty mason jars with full ones, for 4 fresh teas over 16 weeks.
  7. Every fourth week you will also receive a copy of the monthly eco-zine.
  8. Love your garden.
  9. Participate in the social growing network and creative community. Join artistic challenges. Ask questions. Share your knowledge.
  10. Harvest your garden, enjoy a summer well spent.