What sort of person might be interested in subscribing to Crooked Farmz compost teas?

Maybe you are:

  • in love with growing your own vegetables?
  • seeking a local community of skill-sharing, information, and care?
  • concerned about chemical fertilizers and pesticides?
  • interested in organic alternatives?
  • frustrated with the plastic remnants in free City compost and some commercial products?
  • in need of a rejuvenated or remediated soil food web?
  • short on time for making your own compost or compost tea?
  • excited about bringing traditional and contemporary techniques together?
  • a novice and want to learn more?
  • an intermediate and want to level-up?
  • more experienced and desiring a new challenge?
  • an experimental DIY enthusiast?
  • a deeply creative person?
  • appreciative of garden aesthetics?
  • obsessed by the smell and feel of the earth?
  • fascinated by soil microbiology?
  • desiring improved skills for dealing with climate change?
  • someone who is trying to slow down?

We might be looking for each other . . . calling all artsy-garden-eco-hipster-greenish-thumb-poets!