Johnson-Su Contracts

Johnson-Su compost (J/S) is a method that is gaining increased interest in growing contexts for its ability to rapidly inoculate existing agricultural soils and/or remediate unused soils for significant gain. The benefit of J/S purportedly results not so much from optimizing nutrient level, salinity or pH in the finished compost, but rather by creating a highly fungal compost that nudges soils further up the scale of plant ecological succession.

The Johnson-Su method achieves this substantive fungal microbiology through a static, passively-aerated technique, high lignin feedstocks, introduced vermicomposting, and a lengthy maturing window (min. 1 year).

While the standard J/S bioreactor is slightly over 2 cubic yards in size, nearly 8 months ago we created a scaled-down pilot model of the bioreactor in a backyard Earth Machine composter about 15% of the size. As we build our new bioreactors to their proper scale at CRAY@Downsview this summer, we will simultaneously be running field trials with this pilot Johnson-Su compost to determine a local ‘best practices’ for the application of J/S compost.

Contracts will be available from Crooked Farmz in Fall 2022 for the delivery of mature Johnson-Su inoculant in Spring 2023.