Pro Desk

I’ve partnered with Crooked Farmz to supply me proprietary blends of compost tea for my clientele—just trying to keep within the leading edge of the curve. Our industry needs more forward thinking entrepreneurs and Sean is that guy. Local, sustainable and earth friendly … this just made sense.

Don Moffatt, aka ‘Gardener Don

Crooked Farmz offers custom preparations of freshly-brewed and actively aerated 5-gallon drums of compost tea, available on-demand for professional gardeners, landscapers and intermediate to advanced home gardeners.

Choose from a menu of inoculants, sugars, and amendments to develop a personalized tea recipe that best serves your clients’ needs in a freshly-brewed and timely manner.

Compost teas are designed to organically improve soil health and resilience by reintroducing microbial populations back into the soil (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc.), along with other amendments as per your order. We work with you to create a recipe that best serves your needs.

The three main variables determining coverage beyond the time of season are: delivery method/purpose, hardiness/type of plants, and fungal vs. bacterial brew. A 5-gallon quantity, when diluted appropriately, is suitable for soil drenching a typical backyard space and/or using as a foliar spray across several properties.

5-gallon quantities retail for $135+HST (a 30% savings from consumer retail price). Delivery is extra within GTA (free for orders over $250), and free pick-up at our East York location is always available.