Decelera Tea Series

Decelera Teas trace their roots (no pun intended!) to two meanings: in the Latin term ‘celeritas’ meaning related to speed or swiftness, as well as the vegetable celery, known in early Italian as ‘di sceleri’, which originally comes from ‘selinon’, a Greek Parsley meant to be eaten or chewed slowly for its therapeutic purposes and medicinal benefits. Our Decelera Tea library works with principles of slowing speed to offer good medicine for our plants, and also for ourselves, in a fresh and timely fashion.

The 2020 Crooked Farmz subscription package includes the following four teas, each with a common aerobic brew but with unique micro-amendments suitable for the time of season:


STRUCTURE:  A tea brimming with mycelium potential to begin the growing season, designed to promote the mycorrhizal activity and fungal growth required to generate stronger root structures and an overall healthier plant later in the summer.


BALANCE:  As plants really begin to take root, a tea supplemented with additional organic ingredients from forest patches in the East York area to develop the more complex harmonies with the local ecology necessary for vigorous growth and increased resistance to pests.


ENERGY:  This phase of the season is about maximizing the nutrients and water in our soil to nourish healthy fruits and vegetables, and this tea emphasizes our connection to the deep time of lakes and oceans with an abundance of fish and seaweed matter as tea amendments.


ENDURANCE:  An echo of renewal that incorporates the best of our other teas in a bacterially-rich mix to extend vegetables during our increasingly long summers, or to help prepare the soil for a quick turnaround and fresh planting of winter-hardy crops.