Creative Community

Growing vegetables is not only about ecological knowledge, but creative knowledge as well. In fact, the more we take time to listen to and enjoy the aesthetic aspects of food gardening, the more we tend to be outdoors caring for our plants and creatively learning from them and with them in very symbiotic and sympoietic ways.

Our social network presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram aims to help develop a creative community of skill-sharing, information, and care, by especially attuning to the ways that we can foster being outside and off of social media—that is, out with our plants or meeting up in person! ūüôā

As part of the Summer 2019 compost tea subscription package,¬†Crooked Farmz¬†subscribers are invited to participate in monthly ‘creative art challenges’. These are small creative projects that you can do in your garden or some other outdoor location, which provide interesting challenges to nurture and grow your own creativity and self-expression. These can be shared on our social network channels with other subscribers in the community.

While these ‘creative art challenges’ are a¬†completely optional¬†part of subscribing to a¬†Crooked Farmz¬†2019 compost tea package, they do offer a low-risk and fun opportunity to explore with others in the local area the¬†artsy-garden-eco-hipster-greenish-thumb-poet¬†in you!